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The Boxing Rundown live with Tom Loeffler

This episode of The Boxing Rundown is on location at 360 Promotions- speaking to the one and only Tom Loeffler. 6.25.18

Saucedo Vs. Zappavigna

Here are the results of someone who took the risk to get another shot at a belt. #SaucedoZappavigna was a #BloodyBrawl I’m going to...

Tonight Monday June 4th, 2018

Special guest Mike Rodriguez joins the BoxingRundown.

Canelo Vs Jacobs Roundtable

Join the Canelo/Jacobs conversation, live, tomorrow at 7pm Pacific time, on The Boxing Rundown Facebook page. @lafern_323 from Behind The Gloves- Boxing, and @therealfightgirl from RingTV will be...

Carlos Castro

Alex Camponovo

Thompson Boxing's Alex Camponovo joins the Boxing Rundown tonight at 7pm. Boxing Fans have your questions and comments ready, please keep it in good taste...

Manny Robles 2019

World Class Trainer Manny Robles sits down to talk about his current projects.

Marky Nieves

Anthony Herrera